About Us

The world from a single thread

PECI.wien is a collection of extraordinary accessories. All products are crocheted, some are also felted.

Crochet is a unique craft technique that requires minimal production resources: a crochet hook and a thread. A world is created from this pairing. The right interlacing produces complex shapes; the use of several threads creates tapestry-like surfaces.

A characteristic feature of the collection is the circular buttons that give the products their friendly face. Around 20 different basic types can be combined with materials and colors to create almost infinite variations.

Non-Fungible-Token Artwork

Handmade, personally

PECI.wien products are made by Eva Maria Schenzel herself. She sees herself not only as a designer, but also as a craftswoman whose ideas are imagined and directly implemented during the manufacturing process. This process produces two results: the product itself and its specification, which Eva, as a trained computer scientist, compares with an algorithm.

The products from PECI.wien are lovingly crafted collector's items and at the same time software to touch. Each product is certified and marked with an individual code made of pearls crocheted into the thread.

Non-Fungible-Token Artwork

Select your crochet piece

Please select your desired product via our web galleries and send us an email which product you would like to buy. We will then let you know whether the product is available and through which of our sales channels you can obtain it.

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