Vienna Design Week

The world from a single thread: Numbers, shapes, bodies:

The Viennese computer scientist and designer Eva Maria Schenzel transforms beautiful series of numbers into artistic crochet designs using mathematical imagination and craftsmanship. The technique of crocheting cannot be automated and allows the production of complex shapes with the simplest of means - a thread and a needle.

At Vienna Design Week, the design and production processes of the label's bags and hats were shown, as well as experimental works such as a giant bikini of the fictitious size 400E and a bag without a bottom. Visitors could try on and purchase selected pieces in the pop-up store.

Vienna Design Week 2021 Festival Center

Young MAK Open Crochet

On this evening, Eva Maria Schenzel presented her label and the project Crochetware and digital transformation in the Vienna Museum of Applied Arts. The project connects crochet with cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens NFTs. Together we crocheted 70 Bitcoins!

Result is a Rug with the crochet Bitcoins, which Eva transformed into NFTs. Participants were rewarded with NFTs from the series.

Young MAK Open Crochet

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