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Get your NFT from at Opensea, the largest marketplace for non-fungible tokens. You pay with cryptocurrency like Ether or Polygon. An NFT is an asset that can be resold at a much higher price.

Our NFTs are digital artworks created in cooperation with acclaimed fotographers. We offer Design NFTs and Object NFTs. The former are original art fotos of crochet designs. The latter are vouchers for a particular crochet object, clearly identified by two pearls, which can be seen in the photo.

Non-Fungible-Token Artwork

Redeem crochetware voucher

If you have purchased a Design NFT at Opensea directly from that comes with a crochet object voucher, follow these steps to receive your crochet object:

Using your Opensea account (the one you used to purchase the NFT), send an email via with the subject "Crochet Object Request" to, specifying the token ID of the NFT (see its "details" description at Opensea) and telling us how you would like to receive the crochet object: You can pick it up in a store in Vienna or you send us your postal address.

City Bag Red

Buy crochetware

Visit our distributors in Vienna, who offer a wide range of crochet bags, hats, bikinis from the collection.

Reserve your favorite piece via Click&Collect.

In selected crochet objects are integrated two pearls that uniquely identify them. For these objects you will also receive a voucher for a Design NFT.

Lucky 3 Buttons Bags Family

Redeem NFT voucher

If you purchased a crochet bag, hat or bikini and received an NFT voucher, follow these steps to receive your digital NFT artwork:

Send an email with the subject "NFT Request" to with the following information: 1) a copy of the voucher and 2) the address of your wallet at Opensea where you would like to collect the NFT.

Note that we will only allow the transfer for the first person who sends this request.

PECI NFTs at Opensea


Note that each voucher can be redeemed only once, so please pay close attention to follow the rules. does not provide any warranties.